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“Have a child, plant a tree, write a book,” they say to us. As always, playing with detours and getting around the norm, we have friends, little plants growing in the backyard and (with all the pleasure and unabashedly) a PUBLISHER. We then suppose, that in our sweet gay, lesbian, transvestite, trans, fat, black, migrant, queer, deviant, seropositive and unclassifiable interpretation of life, we are doing quite well.

In retrospect, Brandon, as an imprint, is the definitive answer to a demand that has been brewing for years and years in each of the things that happened inside the house and that, with all the will, we are going to fulfill saving us from the “Do you remember?”, from the “How did it say?”, from the “Who was it that wrote it?”. We have understood again (with new blows) the vital importance of memory: each book that is born from our collective will be one less silence for the future. Or better: one more scream, another party.

The first step of EDITORIAL BRANDON, in a joint work with our friends of “La Mariposa y la Iguana” (The Butterfly and the Iguana), is to have a careful selection of texts that were born in the series “Gordx el que lee” (Fat the one who reads). An urgent compilation of landscapes about the body that inaugurates this new stage with the sensation that does most justice to us all: voracity. 

We are going to work hard so that we can continue to develop other books, other ways of expressing ourselves, other ways of thinking about ourselves and valuing what our deconstructive power has generated. We are going to start leaving gifts for those who come later. We are going to multiply, we are going to transcend, because this thing that we gave birth to together thinks, walks, talks and laughs.


Amores Como El Nuestro

La Insurgencia Cochina

Gordx El Que Lee