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"It is an unclassifiable place, and that is how we like it"

casaBrandon is a Cultural Center located in the Villa Crespo neighbourhood and is the headquarters of “Brandon for Equality/Equity of Rights and Opportunities Civil and Cultural Association”.

Inaugurated in 2005, by Lisa Kerner and Jorgelina De Simone (who passed away in 2017 and whom we both celebrate and miss a lot), casaBrandon is where everything happens: live music shows, performances, film screenings, queer art festivals, poetry readings, book presentations, talks and various cycles oriented to the LGBTIQ + theme that have a strong ARTIVIST imprint.

CasaBrandon is also the engine of beautiful initiatives such as BRANDON EDITORIAL, BRANDON RECORDS, THE FANZINE “TODXS JUNTXS” (ALL TOGHETHER) and the BRANDON LIBRARY.

There is a comment we found online that we identify ourselves with that says:

“Casa Brandon is an unclassifiable place, and that is how we like it. Because its audience is also unclassifiable. Mix of cultural center, bar, exhibition hall, concert hall, theater and many other things, Brandon is an enclave of the LGBTIQ culture, with all the letters, that includes all the groups of the collective and tries day by day to expand even more its borders.
Brandon is above all a friendly space, of affection and encounter, with much of the romantic idea of ​​the “safe space”, where one can be oneself and meet peers, relatives and friends. Opened more than ten years ago, it is the product of an idea by Lisa Kerner and Jorgelina DeSimone, who still manage it, always giving space to the LGTBIQ community manifestations, which often have nowhere to be done: Susy Shock’s Transpired Poetry Book, the Cine Club Divine, the presentation of a book or a poetry reading, the election of an alternative beauty queen/king, or simply a meeting to have a drink or get together to discuss ideas.
Brandon’s program changes all the time, check the website for updates, and is generally “open doors” Friday to Sunday. “